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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another text-only post...

Thing is, I can't post pictures now because I'm dumb and left my camera's USB cable (and charger) at home. Hopefully I'll get those soon.

But yes. I am back at college. And I have been knitting.

The dress isn't going as well as I had hoped. It fits perfectly up to the hips...aaaand, I wish I'd tried it on before I'd knit 12" past the hip. Because I think I'm increasing too quickly. The flowy drape of the skirt doesn't really mesh with the fairly fitted top. *sigh* I'm also worried that with as quickly as I'm increasing, I'll run out of yarn too soon. But I only have 6" to go with the main color, so I think I might just try that and hope that it'll look okay, because if it does, that will be a lot nicer than frogging a whole foot and knitting 18".

The mohair shawl may never be. It's a little too small, and I also really screwed up the bindoff. Having never completed a lace-weight garment on bigger needles, I had never considered that a normal bind-off would end up way too tight. I don't actually know what the proper solution is for this. And this yarn does not like to rip out, so I'm not sure I'll be able to re-do anything. Yick.

In happier news, I'm knitting a pair of socks out of fabulous Colinette sock yarn (Jitterbug). It's rainbowy with a blue undercurrent. Beautiful. I'm on sock #2, which is exciting.

I still have my grandma's Christmas present to finish, which I intend to do soon. These are fair-isle mittens (my first attempt at a fair-isle project) of my own design, from two shades of brown alpaca.

Anyway, I should be doing homework now, so off I go!


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