Fibrous Forays

Monday, July 03, 2006


I feel like I should update, though I don't have any pictures to post at the moment. I ended up setting the twist on the green/purple/yellow/black yarn - I was silly and, not thinking, plied it in the opposite direction that I should have, so it was all curly until I wet it and hung it to dry. Then it was much better, and when it dried, I knit it into a scarf. I still need to weave in the ends, and then I'll try taking pictures. I used what's called "twin rib" - k3p3 on one side, k1p1 on the other side. Not bad.

On Friday I went to two yarn shops here in the Twin Cities with a friend (and her roommate). The first was Depth of Field, a pretty nice shop - they even have an entire sale *section* upstairs. They had a little bit of fiber but not a lot, and fiber was what I was looking for. So I didn't buy anything there, though I felt sort of bad, because the woman working there was really nice - we were taking pictures of ourselves, and she offered to take one of the three of us (which was a little strange, since I'd only met Esther's roommate the moment she walked into the shop, but oh well!). I should go back there sometime and buy something. But anyway, we went on to a shop called Creative Fibers which was less extensive than I'd hoped, but it had some really intriguing fiber. I bought 2.5 oz of mohair and 2 oz of silk, both of which I've yet to do anything with. I wish I had a scale so I could accurately measure out percentages, because I want to blend these fibers with wool...oh, the things I take for granted when I'm at home!

My *actual* job (which is at a bagel place) isn't giving me very many hours these days, much to my dismay, but on the upside, I'll have plenty of time in the near future to spin and knit. I just have to stay motivated - it's amazing how hard it is to keep momentum, even on things I like doing, when no one's watching!


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