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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Well, I finished the hat!

The color's more true-to-life in the first picture than the second. The second, however, shows what I did to compensate for the lack of purple yarn. If I'd had more purple yarn, I would've just kept going with the pattern and made the hat longer, so the brim could be folded up. But with the amount of yarn I had, folding up the brim would've meant hardly any of the pattern would've been visible - and a huge part of the top of the hat would have been green. So instead I picked up stitches on the inside of the purple ribbing and knit downwards with the rest of my green yarn, after I'd already finished the main part of the hat. There wasn't quite enough green to make that brim as long, but it comes within about 1/4". I'm pretty pleased with it, and I hope it'll be warm enough for Minnesota!


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