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Friday, March 09, 2007


So much for this updating-once-a-week thing!

Knitting...well... I finished the dress! I'm pleased with it! I got to wear it for Midwinter Ball. I don't have a close-up picture of the dress itself (forthcoming, I hope), but for now, I do have one in which I'm wearing it.

As for other projects? I actually haven't been knitting that much this term. I did finish the aforementioned socks.

And I am still working on my Grandma's mittens. Here's an in-progress shot.

I also made Fetching from Knitty for an online friend, in pretty much the same color pictured there.

So I guess it hasn't been that little knitting - but I've done very little recently. Oh, except that I'm also finishing up a pair of burgundyish alpaca gloves for myself...wayyyy too warm for how warm it's finally getting. Ah well. Grandma's mittens will, unfortunately, also be arriving too late for good use this season. *sigh*

Speaking of Knitty, by the way, I really like Clessidra from the new issue. Ooooh.


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