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Sunday, November 12, 2006

hello again!

Wow. I am truly terrible at updating this.

Anyway, yes, I've been knitting. I do have some pictures. Not of the most recent stuff I've made, cause my camera has broken. But here are the "Anna" socks from Rowan 40...

Since then, I've made a pair of fingerless mittens (I guess mittens don't usually have fingers, but you know what I mean) with mock cables, out of a gorgeous purpley Mountain Colors mohair blend, and a matching panta. I also made a green Frog Tree Alpaca panta as a gift, and a multi-colored silk/merino one for myself. The last, I do have a picture of, though you can't see so well because of the angle. A friend took a picture of this mainly so I could see how I looked in it (hah) since I finished it while we were on the bus and there was no mirror. Hurrah for digital cameras and the ability to instantly see the results!

Oh yeah, and I'm wearing the purple mittens there, too, though again you can't see very well. And the cuff is rolled up; it's actually longer. Yeah, this really isn't a photo designed to showcase the knitting, but it's what I've got... Also, please note the awesome pink wristband I got from the science museum in St. Paul! Bodyworlds is a really fascinating exhibit, by the way, if you get the chance to go.

I also finally finished some Jayne hats I started a long time ago. Here are my dad and brother wearing theirs! :D

This post is hopelessly out of order, but I also just realized I spun some yarn that I could post a picture of.

I sold the orange one to a friend; the purple-and-green one is for sale.

I feel like I should make an effort to post more often in between posting pictures of FOs. I'm not sure why I don't, since I'm such a procrastinator...! Speaking of which, I'm supposed to be working on my comps ("comprehensive exercise"), which is my senior project. Yep. I'm in the library right now with my laptop. Wireless is both a blessing and a curse!


At 9:47 PM, RoseofARC said...

Hi -
I am embarking on a quest for the perfect pattern for a Jayne hat as I am about to make one for my boyfriend. Your hats are the closest I have found to the original. Could you tell me what pattern you used/where you got it? I would be eternally grateful.



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